I am not one to project personal emotions through my work; nor am I one to make pieces that serve as a vehicles for some kind of message. This may make me sounds like I am very impersonal or cold with my work, but that is not exactly the case.
I simply try to express shapes and spaces that I intuitively make sense to me, or feel honest and true.
My pieces can be architectural. This is because I pay extra attention to extra¬≠ space, and pay special attention to the shadows and geometric shapes that happen in my work. However, the geometry in my work is not technically accurate or true; rather, it is something that can happen only because of the organic process of putting it through my own filters. This creates an “incomplete” geometry that is a “complete” expression of my own.
My work is closely related to the relationship between light and dark. The way light hits an object to create shadows can create changes in color, or give a still object some movement; these are the things that intrigue me and inspire me to make work.